Black Cast Nylon 6 Sheet

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Cast Nylon sheets are machinable, wear-resistant, and have higher heat deflection, better solvent resistance, and better hydroscopic characteristics than extruded nylon 6/6 sheets. They are also easier to machine and offer better dimensional stability than standard-grade nylon. They have a slippery face that reduces friction, and are commonly used to make gears, sprockets, and wear strips. The resulting material is strong, tough, and has excellent wear resistance --- up to 20 times that of standard nylon.

  • Outstanding Wear Resistance
  • High Mechanical Properties
  • Good Temperature Resistance
  • Good Chemical Resistance


Typical Physical Properties:

Density: 1.16 g/cm³

Water Absorption, 24 hours, Immersion: 0.8 % by wt.

Water Aborption, Saturation, Immersion: 6.3 % by wt.

Tensile Strength: 16,000 psi

Tensile Modulus: 1,300,000 psi

Tensile Elongation at Break: 4%

Flexural Strength: 23,000 psi

Flexural Modulus: 900,000 psi

Compressive Strength: 19,300 psi

IZOD Impact-Notched: 2.7 ft-lb/in

Limitng PV: 2,500 psi-fpm

Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion: 1.6 ×10⁻⁵ in/in °F

Heat Deflection Temperature at 264 psi: 470°F

Melting Point Temperature: 420°F

Max Continious Operating Temperature: 200°F

Min Continious Operating Temperature: -22°F

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