Mottled Dark Gray Extruded Nylon 6/6 Sheet

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Extruded Nylon sheets have outstanding wear resistance and low frictional properties. Nylon has very good temperature, chemical, and impact properties. Parts machined or fabricated from nylon are light weight and corrosion resistant. Low friction, good abrasion resistance and the ability to operate without lubrication, qualify the nylons for such applications. Parts machined or fabricated from cast nylon are light weight and corrosion resistant. In addition, cast nylon's excellent load bearing capability, wear resistance and impact resistance make it ideal for demanding construction environments. Nylon sheets which has not been compounded with UV stabilizers are sensitive to ultraviolet light. These compounds should not be used for extended outdoor service. 

Nylon’s toughness, resistance to wear and tensile strength make it ideal for a wide variety of machined parts. Nylon is also light in weight - 1/7th the weight of bronze. Nylon also exhibits a low coefficient of friction and it is chemically and thermally resistant.

  • Good abrasion and wear resistance
  • Very easy to fabricate
  • Light weight
  • Outstanding chemical resistance to alkalies and oxidizing agents


Typical Physical Properties:

Specific Gravity: 1.14 g/cm³

Water Absorption 24 hours: 1%

Water Aborption Saturation: 8.5%

Dissipation Factor: 0.02 MHz

Hardness: D80 Shore D

Rockwell Hardness: M85

Rockwell Hardness: R121

Tensile Strength: 12,000 psi

Flexural Strength: 15,000 psi

Tensile Modulus: 400,000 psi

Flexural Modulus: 420,000 psi

Elongation at Break: 40%

Compressive Strength: 12,500 psi

Shear Strength: 10,000 psi

Izod Impact: 0.6 ft-lb/in

Coefficient of Friction, Dynamic: 0.25

Melting Point: 500 °F

CTE, linear 4.5 x 10⁻⁵ in/in/°F

Continious Use: 220 °F

Thermal Conductivity: 1.7 in/hr/ft2/F°

Deflection Temperature at 1.8Mpa (66psi): 390 °F

Deflection Temperature at 1.8Mpa (264psi): 195 °F

Flammability, UL94: HB ⅛ inch 

Dielectric constant: 3.8 

Dielectric strength: 350 V/mil 

FDA: yes





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