Protective Barrier

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  • Help protect yourself and your employees from exposure to COVID-19 using Acrylic-plexiglass barriers.
  • Some Assembly Required
  • BULK PRICING: 15$ off the cost of each shield at checkout on orders of 5 or more!
  • Panel is made of 1/8" acrylic
  • Legs are made of 3/16" acrylic

Sanitizing Acrylic, Polycarbonate, and PETG Sheet:

Acrylic, polycarbonate, and PETG sneeze guards, as well as like products, require special care while cleaning and disinfecting. To maintain the optical clarity of sneeze guards and other acrylic,polycarbonate, or PETG items, use a plastic safe cleaner like Novus Plastic Polish #1 or a mild soap solution. Apply cleaners with a microfiber towel to prevent damage as other towels and fabrics may scratch the material.

Please Reference the following compatible cleaners when DISINFECTING acrylic, polycarbonate, and PETG items.

The use of commonly available commercial alcohol or ammonia-based disinfectants may cause crazing and damage.

Compatible Polycarbonate Disinfectants Compatible Acrylic Disinfectants: Compatible PETG disinfectants:
  • sBioMed Steriplex SD
  • Safetec Surface Wipes
  • Contec Healthcare Perodox RTU
  • Contec Healthcare PS-911 EB prostat Sterile Wipes
  • Pharmacy Grade Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Household Bleach
  • Isopropyl Alcohol (Water Diluted to 30% Strength)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide 28%, Isopropyl Alcohol, Soap Solution