Our Story

When Plastic-Craft first opened its doors in 1934 its first home was a small loft located in lower Manhattan. Today Plastic-Craft has long been upgraded from that small loft to a 33,000 square foot manufacturing facility, located in West Nyack, New York, just 30 minutes North of New York City.

The Story Begins


An electrical engineer named Clyde Robinson had been working for Westinghouse as a phenolic sheets salesman in 1930. It was there a young Clyde had been introduced to plastic materials, and by 1934 he had left Westinghouse to start his company named Plastic-Craft. He had rented a space in lower Manhattan and had found success in manufacturing engraved nameplates for ships belonging to the United States Navy throughout the second world war.

After the War


In 1947 Clyde had decided to move the business closer to home to West Nyack, New York. After purchasing land adjacent to the local train station, he had begun construction on the building that we call home today. It was here where our roots had expanded from engraved nameplates to the manufacturing and fabrication of parts and plastic materials.

Climbing the Ladder


As the business grew Clyde had sold off nearly everything in 1973 to reconstruct something new from the ground up. To do this he had enlisted the help of his son-in-law, Mark Brecher who, at the time, had a degree in social psychology, and knew very little about the plastic industry. Together they bought acrylic sheets and would cut them down to size to resell. As well as picking up little jobs here and there to make ends meet.



Within 12 years, by 1985 they had grown the business model enough to the point of expansion. Clyde and business partner, Mark had decided to renovate the small facility into the 33,000 square foot complex we use today. Granting the father-son due enough room the business needed to grow into not only a larger fabrication company, but a worldwide supplier of all plastic materials. Thus, this was ultimately the humble beginning of what Plastic-Craft is today.

Clyde's Passing


In the summer of 1998, Clyde Robinson passed away at the age of 95, just 5 years into his retirement. In his passing, he had left the company in the hands of his son-in-law, Mark. Mark now assuming ownership over the last 25 years had eventually brought in his son, Clyde's grandson, Dane to the family business. Dane had worked at Plastic-Craft on and off throughout his high school career but had found a more permanent position beside his father.

Present Day


Since the rebrand in 1973, Plastic-Craft has grown over 10 times in size employing over 30 people compared to the original roster of 3 they grew from. Today Plastic-Craft is a worldwide supplier of all types of plastic materials, parts, components, and assemblies. Specializing in fabricating products made from high-performance grades of engineered plastic in order to deliver the highest quality of service to our clients. Our manufacturing facility has the in-house capabilities necessary to handle any type of requirements any custom project may need.

Our Products

Plastic-Craft Products provides a high level of customization, fabrication, and assembly for all your plastic needs. We stock sheets, rods, tubes, discs, and shapes in a multitude of plastic varieties. Our state-of-the-art facility has grown with us and is fully capable of cutting any ordered piece to size, with expert staff contain the knowledge and expertise to weld or machine plastic.

With over 80 years in business, our engineering and sales staff are ready to help you design and complete virtually any plastic project. We are certified ISO 9001:2015 and have fully staffed engineering and quality control departments.