Capability Statement

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Core Competencies

Plastic Machine Shop
  • Precision and General Machining of Plastic
  • Multi-Axis CNC Routing, Turning, Lathe, Milling
  • CNC Precision Cutting, Drilling, Tapping
  • Plastic Finishing and Assembly
  • Machine Edging, Buffing and Flame Polish finishes
  • Small Part Injection Molding
  • ISO 9001:2015
Plastic Forming & Bending
  • Heat Draping Capacity of 96" x 120" sheets
  • 2 Thermal Forming Ovens
  • Blown Domes up to 40"
  • Water Cooled, Quartz and Double Bend Heating Strips
  • Vacuum Form Capacity: 48" x 72"
  • Experienced Workforce
  • Plastic Extrusion and Contact Welding
Wholesale & Distribution
  • Novus Brand Plastic Cleaners, Polishers, Buffers
  • Weld-On Brand Adhesives
  • Stocked materials include:
  • ABS, Acetal, Acrylic, Acrylic Mirror, CPVC, Delrin®, Delrin AF, Duroplast®, Electrical/Fishpaper, Flexible Tubing, Food Grade Materials, G-7,-9,-10, HDPE, Kydex®, Makrolon®, Medical & Food Grade Plastics, Nylon 6/6, Nylon, PEEK, Polycarbonate, PVC, PET, PETG, Phenolic, PTFE, Polyethylene, Rexolite®, Styrofoam®, Teflon®, UHMW, Ultem®, Urethane, Vespel®, Zytel®
    Sheets, Rods, Bars, Tubes, Shapes

Precision Fabrication of Parts and Components including: Sheaves, Pulleys, Cogs, Gears, Sprockets, Spacers, Stops, Insulators, Vacuum Containers, Hydrometers, Components, Machine Guards, Rails, Bushings, Covers, Chain Guides, Wheels, Rollers, Alignments, Bearings, Podiums, Safety/View Windows, Bar Clamps, Shims, Risers, Assemblies, Cutting/Chopping Boards, Trade Show Booths, Speaker Podiums, Museum Quality Display Cases.

Past Performance

United Sates Postal Service — Since 1990 Plastic-Craft has produced over 150 parts and components; in 2016 we won 28 contracts for 35 different components (including: guides, rollers, sprockets, bearings and stacker assemblies) requiring precision assembly and machining from a wide variety of plastic materials.

Breeze-Eastern, Whippany NJ — Current customer since 2000. Plastic-Craft has made 18 different critical components, including various spacers, windows, bushings, from a range of plastic materials.

Astronics/LSI, Aurora NY — Current customer since 2000 making aircraft lighting components.

Tappan Zee Constructors, Nyack NY — 2016 Following detailed discussions with engineers for the project requirements Plastic-Craft won the contract for UHMW Fender Panels by providing project specific materials that exceeded the original technical engineering requirements for the New NY Bridge.


  • Family owned firm founded by Clyde Robinson who created and engraved the nameplates for the instrument panels for US Navy vessels using the latest innovative material in 1934 - plastic!
  • Decades of experience successfully working with large corporations and Prime Contractors.
  • Outstanding experienced workforce, with dedicated design/engineering, thermo-forming and machine teams. Company longevity has provided a strong network within the plastic industry.
  • Vast portfolio of precise product fabrications for commercial, industrial and creative sectors.

Company Data

    Plastic-Craft Products Corp.
    744 West Nyack Road
    West Nyack, NY 10994

  • CAGE: 0T968
  • DUNS: 001389915
  • SAM ID: J2HSGL1N18Q7 (Unique Entity ID by SAM)
  • VOSB: (in process of VA verification)
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified Firm
  • JCP Cert. Militarily Critical Data Agreement
  • NOFORN Technical Data Agreement

FSC Codes

  • 9330 — Plastics Fabricated Materials
  • 9390 — Miscellaneous Fabricated Nonmetallic Materials
  • 2590 — Miscellaneous Vehicular Components-10
  • 7330 — Kitchen Hand Tools and Utensils


  • 326199 — All Other Plastics Product Manufacturing
  • 326121 — Unlaminated Plastics Profile Shape Manufacturing
  • 326122 — Plastics Pipe and Pipe Fitting Manufacturing
  • 326113 — Unlaminated Plastics Film and Sheet (except Packaging) Manufacturing
  • 326130 — Laminated Plastics Plate, Sheet (except Packaging), and Shape Manufacturing
  • 332710 — Machine Shops
  • 325211 — Plastics Material and Resin Manufacturing
  • 339950 — Sign Manufacturing
  • 424610 — Plastics Materials and Basic Forms and Shapes Merchant Wholesalers
  • 333514 — Special Die and Tool, Die Set, Jig, and Fixture Manufacturing

NSN Qualified Supplier

  • 5935-01-192-1206 — Connector Assembly, Electrical
  • 5970-00-537-0682 — Insulator, Bushing
  • 5935-01-191-8270 — Insert, Electrical Connector
  • 9905-00-498-7817 — Plate, Marking, Blank