Food Processing

Plastic materials are used in a variety of food processing and packaging machinery applications. Choosing a company with extensive experience in the food processing industry is important. Plastic-Craft can save you time and money by making custom fabricated parts or factory replacement parts at sometimes half the original manufacturers cost.

Laboratory & Research Equipment

We specialize in finding the right materials for your application and fabricating custom solutions for your unique needs. We have created polyethylene and polypropylene tanks for chemical processing, acrylic and teflon guards for pharmaceutical and scientific research, acid resistant sinks, custom storage cabinets, spill trays, mouse mazes, reject bins, and other custom fabricated devices for testing purposes. Plastic with its remarkable inert characteristics makes it one of the best materials for use in the lab.

Marine & Boats

Sometimes the hardest thing about owning a boat is finding replacement parts when something breaks. Plastic-Craft can custom fabricate any part you might need, such as a windshield, window or hatch cover. Plastics are lightweight, strong and more durable than wood or metal with superior resistance to weather and saltwater, making them the ideal material for marine applications.

Medical Equipment

The medical industry is heavily regulated, after all people's lives are on the line. That's why you need to choose a company who has the most experience to ensure you have the best materials and construction that is safe, reliable and consistent from the beginning of your order to delivery. Plastic provides a much healthier and cost-effective alternative for medical materials.


When it comes to making plastic parts for military equipment, it’s vital that every component is manufactured to rigorous standards. Our staff engineers’ work with industry standard CAD software to create designs with exacting precision. Our machinists’ can manufacture components to specifications with precise tolerances and we can produce large quantities of parts with consistency to meet and exceed stringent government regulations.


We know the pharmaceutical industry is one of the most demanding. With the challenges of staying FDA compliant and keeping production machines running with as little down time as possible, its important to choose a company that has the experience to tackle any task. We manufacture parts for the pharmaceutical industry that are both sanitary and structurally sound. Plastics are booming in the pharmaceutical industry because of their durability, abilty to be sterilized, easy machinability to exacting specifications, and cost effectiveness.

School Materials

For over 30 years Plastic-Craft has been a supplier of materials for schools. We specialize in quick delivery of replacement materials like clear acrylic sheets, acrylic mirrors, which are safer than glass and a wide variety of durable corrosion and weather resistant plastics.


Plastic-Craft is capable of producing a wide range of signage applications. Our skilled fabricators can create beautiful and elegant displays made to your specifications that will enhance the presentation of your products. We can also print your art with our in house silk-screening capabilities or create custom 3D signage.

Theatrical Set Design

In an industry where every detail counts, budgets are limited and deadlines are short. Bringing your production to fruition can sometimes seem impossible with all the obstacles that seem to pop up along the way. That's why its so important to choose a company with the reputation and knowledge to get the job done right on time and looking great. We have the production capabilities to manufacture beautifully polished works of art from your drawings or CAD specifications what will enhance your stage set or presentation.

Trade Shows

As a customer walks up and down the aisle of a trade show they may look at 100 different booths. With such tough competition you are going to need something extraordinary to help yours stand out from the crowd. Custom plastic can be an excellent way to enhance the appearance of your products and company image.