Expanded PVC Foam Board

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Expanded PVC Foam Board is a less dense form of traditional PVC, or polyvinyl chloride. It retains many of the same qualities as traditional PVC such as an outstanding strength-to-weight ratio, great flame-resistance, and resistance to water absorption and chemical exposure. However, because of its lower density, PVC foam board is significantly lighter; making it perfect for a wide variety of applications.
  • Excellent for the highly specialized needs of producing signage and displays as well as booths and stage sets, photo mounting, or model building.
  • Any type of screw or nail can be used to fasten this material: pre-drilling is typically unnecessary. Power nailers and screw driving equipment are suggested.
  • Consistent color and workability for indoor or outdoor uses.
  • Lightweight, easy to fabricate, paint and laminate.
  • USDA approved for incidental contact “wherever food is processed or sold.” Free of lead, barium and cadmium.
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