Micro-Mesh Car Headlight Lens Restore Kit

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Drivers and passengers alike need and appreciate the clear view that well maintained headlights provide.  Comfort, enjoyment, but more importantly - SAFETY, are all requirements today!  The smallest of scratches can lead to crazing.  By keeping headlights smooth and optically clear, through regular maintenance, crazing can be avoided.  Use this kit to remove crazing, scratches, and haze from acrylic headlights, tail lights, bug deflectors and more! If you need to improve your ability to see at night or just want to increase the value of your car - this kit is a must! Customers have saved up to $600 on replacement lenses costs. This kit will remove damage for good unlike other "fill in" products on the market. 1 kit per unit each.


Each kit contains:

2 - 120 Grit wet/dry sandpaper 3" loop discs
2 - 220 Grit wet/dry sandpaper 3" loop discs
2 - 400 Grit wet/dry sandpaper 3" loop discs
2 - 1500 Micro-Mesh 3" loop discs
2 - 2400 Micro-Mesh 3" loop discs
2 - 3600 Micro-Mesh 3" loop discs
1 - 3" TufBuf lambswool buffing pad
1 - 4 oz. bottle Micro-Gloss liquid abrasive
1 - Instructions