ACRIFIX® CA 0020 Catalyst

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ACRIFIX® CA 0020 Catalyst is a hardener for polymerization cement based on methyl-methacrylate. This hardener (suggested to add 3 % ~ 6 %) was developed for ACRIFIX® two-part reactive cements. It polymerizes completely upon addition of ACRIFIX® CA 0020.

  • Hardener for MMA adhesives
  • For use with ACRIFIX® 2-part reactive cements


Technical Data Sheet (TDS)

Typical Values of Properties

  • Viscosity; Brookfield II/6/20 °C: 140 mPa • s
  • Density (20 °C): ~ 1.12 g/cm3
  • Refractive index nD20: ~ 1.53
  • Color: Crystal clear, slightly yellow
  • Flash point: n.a.
  • Solids content: approx. 5 %
  • Storage stability: 9 months after filling, if correctly stored
  • Storage temperature: max. 30 °C, min. 5 °C
  • Packaging materials: colored glass and aluminum
  • Cleaning agents for equipment: ethyl acetate


Storage / Transport

Keep container tightly closed in a cool, dark place.

UN 3082

Working Instructions

ACRIFIX® CA 0020 can be dosed according to volume by means of a graduated pipette, a burette, a disposable syringe or, best of all, by means of a dispenser. Attention: for volume-based dosage with pipettes/ burettes at cool ambient temperatures, please observe any tailings. However, it can also be dosed according to mass using commercially available laboratory scales. The required amount of hardener at room temperature (18 to 25 °C) is 3 %. At lower ambient temperatures and for special adhesive compositions, the required amount of hardener may be up to 6 %.

ACRIFIX® CA 0020 is stirred into the adhesive by hand, using a stirring rod made of glass, PLEXlGLAS® or stainless steel (free from copper!).

If larger quantities of adhesive are used (> 200 g), an electrically or pneumatically operated agitator should be used. Stirring is performed by means of a stainless-steel propeller or, better still, with a stainless-steel stirrer blade (see picture). Since this type of blade is not commercially available, it must be made by the operator from approx. 5 mm thick stainless steel. The stirring period should be approx. 2-3 minutes, the adhesive mix should be free of streaks. Bonded parts can be further treated 3 to 6 hours after curing.

The bonds only acquire their final strength after about 24 hours or after immediate annealing as soon as the adhesive has cured.

Working Instructions

Once the shelf life of ACRIFIX®CA 0020 has expired, the response time of the adhesive can deteriorate significantly.

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