Pharmaceutical Filter Screen Cabinets on Casters

Pharmaceutical Filter Screen Cabinets on Casters

Sifting screens are a critical equipment link in the chain that is pharmaceutical manufacturing. Keep your plant's screens clean, organized, safe from casual damage, and ready to use when needed.

See the photos below of a pharmaceutical filter screen cabinet on casters that Plastic-Craft Products fabricated out of white stress relieved polypropylene sheet in cooperation with plant engineers. You can see the cabinet with doors closed and open. The open doors show the dividers for all the different gauged screens.

Closed    Open 

Plastic-Craft's engineers and designers help create storage solutions for very valuable equipment protecting it from damage during transport and while in storage.

Equipment storage guarding has a place in your plant to protect critical use equipment, and keep it safe and undamaged for the production and packaging departments when they are needed.

Key Features:

  • Ready to be used when needed
  • Custom sized for items to be stored
  • Transportable from point to point in the plant
  • Security locks and folders keep unwanted hands off
Sep 26th 2016 Dane Brecher

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