Nylon Cast Type 6 Round Rod

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Nylon 6 Rod Description

Nylon is a strong, stiff engineering plastic with outstanding bearing and wear properties. Nylon is frequently used to replace metal bearings and bushings often eliminating the need for external lubrication. Other benefits include a reduction in part weight, less operating noise, and decreased wear on mating parts.

Nylon is one of the oldest and most widely used engineered mechanical plastics. Its combination of toughness, dimensional stability, wear resistance, availability, and versatility make it a natural choice for informed engineers looking to improve their project. Nylon cast rod has served well in replacing many metals and offers a design choice when noise reduction and long life are important. Nylon is a tough, stable engineering thermoplastic with a high modulus of elasticity, high strength, good rigidity, dimensional stability, resistance to moisture, solvents and other chemicals.

It offers low thermal conductivity, as well as important features such a chemical and abrasion resistance. This shape of nylon is used to make a myriad of products and parts for the aerospace, paper, textile, electronics, construction, mining, and food material handling industries.

Wear-resistant nylon sheets and bars are made with a strong and stiff engineering-grade plastic with bearing and wear properties. Molybdenum disulphide-filled (MOS2) and oil-filled nylons have enhanced wear properties that eliminate the need for external lubrication. The physical properties of nylon include exceptional strength as well as abrasion and chemical resistance. It has a high melting temperature, making it an ideal substitute for metals in high temperature applications. Nylon is commonly used for automotive parts, machine screws, brushings & gears, and electrical connectors.

Applications Include:

  • Clothing
  • Reinforcement in rubber material like car tires
  • Rope or thread
  • Injection molded parts
  • Vehicles and mechanical equipment


Nylon fibers are exceptionally strong, elastic, and abrasion resistant. They are also very easy to wash, while producing smooth and long-lasting fabrics.


Typical Physical Properties:

Tensile Strength: 11,800 psi

Tensile Modulus: 435,000 psi

Flexural Strength: 16,500 psi

Flexural Modulus: 460,000 psi

Elongation at Break: ~55%

IZOD Impact-Notched: 0.9 ft-lb/in

Max Service Temperature: 230°F

Limitng PV: 2,500 psi-fpm

Deflection Temperature at 264 psi: ~300°F

Melting Point Temperature: 450°F

Coefficient of Friction: 0.22

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