Serrox Capillary Activator (90% Reduction of Bubble Formation in ACRIFIX® 1S Solvent Cement)

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The capillary activator reduces bubble formation of ACRIFIX® 1S adhesives almost completely (>90%) when glueing acrylic. It significantly improves the flow properties of ACRIFIX® 1S 0117 when bonding surfaces at 45.1°. You save valuable time while at the same time improving the quality of your work.


  • 90% reduction of bubble formation in ACRIFIX® 1S solvent adhesives.
  • Improves the flow properties of the ACRIFIX® 1S adhesive.
  • Application of the adhesive to previously inaccessible adhesive surfaces due to activated capillary action.
  • Clean, uniform material application
  • Precise working with the pipette supplied.
  • Special tip for pipette for increased accuracy.
  • Spray bottle for faster, easier working.
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